Périple 2021

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Périple 2021 (Périple meaning Journey) is a 6 months non-stop performance, a large scale trip, happening only once. It is organized by Collectif Protocole, an artistic collective made up of white clubs jugglers.

Every week (called wandering) from March to August 2021, a juggler will set off to explore a territory with a different guest every time. Only the 3 white clubs are doing the entire trip physically, during 23 wanderings. At the end of each week, the 6 artists meet in front of an audience, for a performance called the ceremony, organized by a cultural partner. This show is outdoor, free and open to everyone.
Chloe Dugit-Gros, visual artist, will subsequently create an art work representing Périple 2021.

Creation et interpretation : Paul Cretin Sombardier, Thomas Dequidt, Sylvain Pascal, Valentina Santori, Pietro Selva Bonino, Johan Swartvagher
Music : Alexandre Verbiese
Technical : Erwan Sautereau
Production, diffusion, coordination : Simon Gaudier, Caroline Sotta, Léa Calu
Administration : Jérôme Sersiron


The three juggling clubs are probing the hexagon’s bowels for six months. On hundreds of kilometers, they soak landscapes, encounters, slush, bitumen and sand up, as well as faces and time spent walking along the crossroads, under the rain, wind or snow. Between experimental tourism and moment exploration, the nomadic performer weaves the web of storytelling on a crumpled and muddy map. He/she settles down into the complexity of the cities, the silence of the countryside, in the center as on the margins, day and night, focusing on the meantime and the no man’s lands. He/she finally delivers his/her travel story, during a popular, collective and poetic ceremony.
Périple 2021 is not a tribute to past circus entertainers,
Périple 2021 is not an hour-long show,
Périple 2021 is a living serie made up of past and future moments.