The collectif

Protocole wants to make the world order visible, in a raw way. Juggling, with its physical density, makes us able to taste all the spaces, situations, textures and to be in direct touch with the moment. The body is committed, present, indissociable. When Protocole projects itself in the public space, it is to make the real situations of a city, seen and felt, to show the unnoticed. We have sharpened our perception of space through our tools, juggling and improvisation, and this acuity makes us sensitive to the identities of the places we cross, that we seek to meet, to celebrate, to make palpable. For us, circus is in perpetual motion, getting inspired by dancing, acting, performing and music.

Protocole’s work is exclusively site specific, and unfolds on different scales : we have spent two years of artistic presence on an urban rehabilitation area in the suburbs of Paris, where our interventions had become familiar to inhabitants, merchants, students, social centers ; we have spent a week in an abandoned farmhouse in a rural area, where audience was mostly composed of trees and stones. For us, stage is everywhere, in a theater basement, at the shed of a forest, behind the bench, under a highway bridge, in a building under construction. Each time, our juggling is a form of language: we meet places, we meet their moving identities, made of spaces, humans, sensations. We want to approach the field with that generosity and instinct hooked to the heart.

Founded in 2011, Collectif Protocole is the energy of 5 jugglers using the same juggling object (white Henrys Pirouette clubs). They have first gathered around experimental artistic laboratories, in public space.

It is through improvisation that the collective’s identity is being built. We are in search of a common language with all its complexity, and we seek to open new playing/performing spaces. We wish to show the unnoticed and the hidden poetry of forgotten places.

Artistic team of the Collectif is currently made up of :
• Jugglers : Paul Cretin, Thomas Dequidt, Sylvain Pascal, Valentina Santori, Pietro Selva Bonino and Johan Swartvagher
• Musician : Alexandre Verbiese
• Technicians : Erwan Sautereau, Thibault Condy